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Wenatchee Puppy Mill Survivors

March 2008

Letter to friends of SNO and concerned citizens:

In 2004 a small group of dedicated rescuers came together to establish a  non-profit Siberian Rescue dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and adoption of Siberian Huskies. Since that time SNO volunteers all over California and Washington State have placed many deserving dogs in happy forever homes

In September of 2007 SNO was faced with its biggest challenge to date.  Eleven Siberian Huskies were forfeited to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society and subsequently transferred to SNO and various Washington rescues.

Then, just four months later, another 36 were seized from the same location.  The dogs’ conditions ranged from emaciated to starving with several permanently injured.   You can read more about this HERE.

You can see case details HERE.

All of the dogs are now in the care of rescue groups. Twenty of these dogs are in SNO foster homes. Just a few days after their arrival the number changed to 26 when one of the more severely malnourished dogs gave birth to a litter of six puppies.  All of the 36 have required treatment for giardia, dehydration, worms, lice, and malnutrition.  Some will require long-term veterinary treatment for malnutrition issues and various injuries.  The majority of these dogs had never even seen a dog bowl. The goods news is these dogs are now, for the first time, enjoying plenty of food, water, room to run around and lots of attention.

The bad news is that the costs of caring for the Sanctuary dogs and a large number of dogs coming in with more than normal care requirements has had a huge financial impact.  In order to continue helping Siberians in need we are asking for donations. You can make a monetary contribution by mail or paypal. Thank you in advance for your support.  


Janet Elliott

Rescue Director

Friends of SNO Letter - with updates on dogs rescued from this puppy mill!

Lassen and her sister Whitney; Screen shots from the KOMOTV video coverage

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