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Lassen: A Tough Beginning

By: Gail Roberts


Lassen is one of 36 Siberians seized from a puppy mill where dogs were starved and dehydrated, and kept without bedding during the worst winter weather (sub-zero temps). She has already endured a lot, and survived.

March 24, Lassen, in normal, rough running puppy play ran head-long into another puppy or into our senior rescue dog. After she came "to" she still had motor movements in all 4 legs and could wag her tail and she looked at us with clear eyes, but she could not move her head or spine. The x-ray showed the C2 vertebra out of place and fractured. We opted to give her the chance that surgery would provide. She was rushed to a specialist vet clinic in Kirkland (Seattle Veterinary Specialists) and Dr. Sean Sanders.

 Post Surgery Photos:

The surgeon cut through the front of the neck and moved the trachea to the side to repair the fractured vertebrae.

Post-surgery, each day she got better and better, and today, 1 week after the accident, Dr Sanders said she had progressed much faster than he'd expected and she can probably come home on Thursday! She is weak and will still need physical therapy, but her prognosis is very good! We are elated. Lassen is a rescue puppy sponsored by SNO (Siberians Needing Owners, a bonafide 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We are accepting donations to help pay her vet bill, which is upward of $5000. Lassen is a sweet puppy with a heart and temperament of gold. She has endured so much in her few months of life. But she is cheerful and sweet. We think she will make a wonderful therapy dog some day!

Lassen and her foster mom would especially like to thank: --SNO for agreeing to fund her surgery, --her "fan club" around the US who have been concerned about her and sent positive messages and thoughts for her recovery, --Brittney and Chris for visiting every day and bringing her new toys and taking her pictures. Brittney also made up a guest book for her visitors to sign. --Beth for visiting every day and keeping her spirits up, and Beth's mom Marguerite for visiting, also! --Her vets, Dr. Ty Johnson, Cascade Veterinary Clinic, Wenatchee, WA (www.cascadevetclinic.com) who did the initial exam and told us she had a chance, and for suggesting Dr. Sanders for the surgery--and of course Dr. Sean Sanders and the great staff at Seattle Veterinary Specialists (www.svsvet.com)!

Donations towards Lassen's surgery and recovery are very much appreciated by mail or PayPal.

Mailing Address

P.O. 987

Kettle Falls, WA 99141


Late March-Early April 2008

Lassen is home now, continuing her physical therapy, getting plenty of rest and good food, enjoying her new toys that are soft and squishy and squeaky in her crate.

She is getting stronger everyday and leads her foster mom on several "sling-walks" around the yard. That is, she wears little hammocks that have holes for her legs, and she "drives" the walk around the yard. Actually, she runs, or tries to! She is doing so well that she rarely needs the rear sling now, but she will continue to use the front one for a while, as she is still wobbly, and we cannot take any chance of her falling and hitting her head. It is amazing to us that she has come so far in only 2 weeks after so devastating an injury!

You can see the determination in her face. This girl is going places and she knows it! She has a wonderful, full life ahead of her and this is just a "bump" in the road to her happy future.


April-Early May 2008 (HEALTHY PUP!)