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Helping Whisper

Traumatized. Neglected. Abandoned.

These words describe this beautiful young dog's life. Yet, she holds no grudges. She greets everyone she meets with a kiss and cheerful smile. She reminds us that huskies love unconditionally no matter how mistreated!

Whisper's story begins with an email from a Visalia Animal Shelter volunteer asking for SNO's help in rescuing a very sweet young female Siberian Husky. The shelter named her Whisper because she was unable to make sounds above a whisper when she tried to talk or bark. Whisper had been brought to the shelter by her owner's just days after weaning a litter of puppies. The owners kept the puppies and "dumped" the mom. The situation became desperate as her scheduled time for euthanasia was fast approaching. An urgent plea for help was sent to Siberian Husky rescue groups.

Siberians Needing Owners (SNO) was informed that Whisper's breathing was very raspy, possibly caused by scar tissue formation from a surgical procedure to "debark" her. When Whisper arrived we realized her breathing wasn't just raspy but that she had a serious breathing problem. She struggled for each breath and we were very concerned she was not getting enough oxygen.  

Whisper was immediately taken to the Atascadero Pet Center for evaluation. The veterinary staff felt her problem was potentially very serious. They did not want to speculate on the cause until they could anesthetize her and examine her throat. The following day it was determined that she had a severe stricture (narrowing) of her trachea and that she needed surgery. We were instructed to keep her cool, calm and quiet until this very difficult and delicate surgery could be performed (no easy task with a young playful Siberian Husky!).

During surgery, the cause of Whisper's troubles became apparent. She had been shot in the neck and the damage to her trachea was caused by the pellets and subsequent scar tissue formation. The veterinarian was amazed that Whisper survived this traumatic injury.

With her surgery behind her, Whisper is now recovering in one of our foster homes.  It will be weeks before we know how successful the surgery was but she is already breathing much more comfortably. We are looking forward to watching her play with other dogs and to lead a normal dog life. When she is fully recovered we will be seeking an adoptive family.

How you can help

As with most dog rescue groups our funds were limited. Fortunately for us, and especially for Whisper, some of the surgical costs were donated by the veterinarian performing the surgery. If you are interested in adopting Whisper or assisting with her medical expenses you may contact her foster care provider, Jeanette Stone, (805) 462-0643. All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to send a donation please send a check made out to S.N.O. or donate using PayPal

Thank you!!

Volunteers and Dogs of S.N.O.

Update on Whisper's surgery: 10-25-04

Good News! Whisper is doing great. Her staples were removed and the vet said he couldn't be happier with the outcome of the surgery. She is starting to play with other dogs and is certainly making up for lost time!!

Whisper will be spayed on Nov. 1 and will be available for adoption Nov. 5.

SNO thanks everyone at the Atascadero Pet Center for their support and best wishes for Whisper.