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Do Your Best And Then Knock On Wood!!!

by Jacques' Porter

Escape Artists

Siberian Huskies are escapists and runners, if you are going to share your life with them get use to it! They won’t change and it is your job to keep them safe from all harm. I know there are some of you saying but ‘dogs should be free to run’. With that freedom also comes the freedom to raid trash cans, chase cars, livestock & other domestic animals, get lost, be picked up by animal control and never find home...or worse... live on the street half starved and filthy, attacked by people and other dogs. All of these activities are unacceptable and could elicit fast and many times deadly consequences.

There are things you can do to make your yard more Siberian safe (notice I did not say Siberian proof). Putting dig resistant cement slabs under fences will help with digging as will strategically placed electric fencing (also known to help deter jumping, climbing and chewing).

Huskies aren’t like other dogs nor would those of us who love this breed want them to be. They are furiously independent, headstrong and stubborn  and those are some of their better qualities. If you want a dog to adore you and fawn all over your every move, don’t even entertain the thought that this might be the breed for you.  Get a Lab or a Retriever. If however you want a companion to challenge you mentally and physically, one who will tell you when you are out of line and who will test your very sanity then you may be on the right track here.

If you have a Husky and are having trouble with escaping or other behavior problems or you are thinking of getting one and would like more information on what you can expect feel free to contact any of our Siberian enthusiasts.

There he stood against the backdrop of a beautiful new fence, handsome, arrogant and so proud of himself! He was someone's new pet, the fence was a redwood privacy fence, 6 foot high and advertised as “keeping your pet safe and secure” and IT was on the wrong side of this young Siberian. This could be any Husky and any kind of fence. Behind this smiling cocky faced dog lies a rogue with places to go and things to do…and YOU are the only thing between him and disaster.