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Site Last Updated: October 6, 2016

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About SNO

Siberians Needing Owners (SNO) is a non-profit 501© 3 organization comprised of individuals and foster homes dedicated to the care, understanding, rehabilitation and adoption of Siberian Huskies (and other sled dogs). It is our goal to make life better for some of the thousands of lost, unwanted and homeless Huskies while at the same time helping to educate our youth and their parents to the need for spay/neuter and life long commitment to all pets.

SNO established our Northern Dreams Sanctuary program to honor the memory of our co-founder Jacques’s Porter. The Sanctuary program provides long term shelter and care for dogs that are able to lead quality lives but due to advanced age, handicaps, or chronic illness are unlikely to find their forever homes through the foster/adoption process. Many of the Sanctuary dogs would be available for adoption to a home willing and able to care for a special needs dog. Beginning in December of 2013 SNO will only be taking dogs from shelters and owner surrenders that fit the criteria for our Sanctuary program.

We will continue to provide assistance to individuals needing to re-home their northern breed dogs. SNO will also be available to offer advise on containment or behavior issues that anyone may have with a Nordic breed dog.

Our Commitment

SNO members are committed to placing these delightful animals in the best possible home with continued on-going support and advice. SNO makes a lifetime commitment to their foster dogs and always accepts back any dog for which the adoptive family can no longer provide the proper care and love.

Dogs Available

We do have a few available dogs that are SNO dogs living in a SNO foster home. Most of the dogs listed on our adoption page are owned and living with individuals needing to find adoptive homes. This service is provided to help with placement and the information posted is not verified by SNO or it's members. We also have a few sanctuary dogs that would be available for adoption to a home willing and able to care for a special needs dog.

SNO Adoption Process

Fill out the online adoption application or print the adoption application form (pdf). If you choose to print and fill out the adoption form, please mail the completed application to Janet Elliott-Yeager at P.O. Box 987 Kettle Falls, WA 99141.

Once your application is received you will be contacted by SNO’s director or the foster home who will give you more information about the dog. You will also be asked several questions in order for us to get an understanding of your experience with the Siberian Husky breed and whether or not you can provide a safe environment for the dog.

One you are approved, you will be asked to sign a contract with SNO. Please understand that adoption contracts are used for the soul interest of your new best pal. Adoption fees range from $150 - $300. (Click here to view the adoption contract - pdf).

About This Site

This site is full of useful information for husky owners and people thinking about adopting a husky. Take a look around, check out our "SNO in the News" web page for news and fun husky stories. Please don't hesitate to email us if we can be of any help.